Azumeta Praline

Hello! I am AzumetaPraline, and I am a science student who enjoys creating art, whether it be traditional, digital art, literary or crafted.

Cartoon-styled characters, paintings and realistic portraits are one of the things I can draw without problem.

My commissions are open! Feel free to scroll down for examples of art I can make for you. You can contact me with the links at the bottom.


One of my favourite video game series is Kirby. I draw a lot of fanart of it! I can draw realistic characters as well.


I put a lot of detail into my work. The characters are expressive, while the drawings contain many colors and textures, are thoroughly shaded and are often accompanied with a rich background.


Humans are things I am far more than used to draw. I can do realistic portraits as much as I can draw full-body cartoon humanoid characters.

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